Several tests refer to image files. The GEDCOM records assume the necessary files are in the c:\GedcomAssessment folder on your PC.

To create the files, first create the folder. If you choose to use a different location or folder name, or if you are not using MS Windows, you will have to edit the FILE records in assess.ged to use the location you have chosen.

Download and extract the contents into the folder.

The images are all the same except the name of the image file is overlaid on the image at the top.

Online Services

If the target application is an online service, it must provide a custom GEDCOM upload method or some other facility that uploads media files referenced in a GEDCOM file or no images will appear after the upload/import.

Download Issues

Some users have reported that the file has zero bytes after downloading in Firefox. That is the result of a Firefox security feature. Firefox does not trust some ZIP files. The file is not dangerous.

To access file, open the Firefox download menu after downloading the file and click to "show more information". You'll see a warning that the file is not commonly downloaded. If you click "open", the file will open and you'll see the contents. After that, the file will no longer be 0 bytes in Windows Explorer.

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