This page describes a set of tests included in version 1.05 of the GEDCOM file assess.ged (download - view). Details change between versions.

Area Summary

People with the surname "Date Sort" have GEDCOM events that include a sort date via the _SDATE custom record.

Most target applcations do not support sort dates. I am not aware of any target applications that support sort dates but use a different GEDCOM custom record, but they may exist.

If the target application fails to sort the events into the desired sequence, it probably does not support sort dates and you may have to accept that the events will appear in the sequence determined by their date values.

Letters N and S indicating non-standard 01-Anecdote before Biography

The Biography event (1901) precedes the Anecdote event (1902) in the GEDCOM file. The Anecdote event includes _SDATE 1900, so an application that recognizes sort dates should sort the Anecdote event before the Biography event.

Test Result Criteria

  1. If a target application imports the events and sorts the Anecdote (1902) before the Biography (1901), set the test result to "Supported".
  2. For any other outcome, set the test result to "Not Supported (non-standard)" and describe the outcome in the comment.

Non-Standard Content

This test includes non-standard records or values.

GEDCOM Records for @I51@

2 TYPE Biography
2 DATE 1901
2 TYPE Anecdote
2 DATE 1902
2 _SDATE 1900
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